Spa Jacuzzi

Working on your fitness during a heatwave

When one thinks of the Jacuzzi tubs, one immediately imagines the sensations of well-being that ensue from it: to dive into a very hot bath, to be massaged the body by hydro jets. It’s true that the Jacuzzi, and more generally the balneotherapy and thalassotherapy equipment (hydromassage shower, whirlpool bath.), are recognized for his or her very interesting relaxing effects. But the tubs jacuzzi also has other virtues, whether concerning the psychological aspect (stress, depression, mental illness ...), beauty (acne, cellulite ...) but also about the health (respiratory problems, muscle aches…).

Virtues on health

The effect of predicament combined thereupon of hydro jets makes it possible to fight against several health problems, including muscular (especially dorsal and cervical) and articular (arthritis, osteoarthritis) pains. Additionally, the massage provided by the jets can stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, which is among others ideal for people with the sensation of heavy legs. Better blood circulation also eliminates toxins accumulated within the body faster and more efficiently. Also, the Jacuzzi is particularly suitable for asthma-type respiratory problems since the inhalation of water vapour calms and clears the systema respiratorium . Note that the Jacuzzi would even have a positive impact on digestive disorders but also on headaches and migraines repeatedly.

Beauty virtues

Another interesting concern of the Jacuzzi: its virtues concerning the sweetness. Although this aspect may be a smaller amount known, it remains very relevant to the extent that people suffering from skin problems like acne or eczema or people who have cellulite can find a natural remedy with the Jacuzzi for improve their condition. Indeed, regarding skin problems, the jacuzzi spa first of all relaxes, which can directly play on the skin once we all know that skin problems are often related to stress issues.

How to make the foremost of a Jacuzzi ?

To make the foremost of a spa session and everybody its benefits, it is vital to manage the temperature of the water. Generally, a temperature between 37 and 38 ° C is true , although it must be adapted to the seasons.

Choose your comfort

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