Spa Jacuzzi

The favourite designs for a jacuzzi at home

Jacuzzis can be found in private homes nowadays. In large or small houses, almost everyone now has access to these hot tubs. For those who have decided to take the plunge, here are some ideas of designs for jacuzzis for private use.

Spa for a glamorous interior

All styles are permitted for an indoor spa. The style begins first with the shape, the round spa is prized for example to put in the middle of a room reserved for the well being. The room can be decorated to the same theme. Otherwise for those who choose to put the jacuzzi in the bathroom it is better to opt for geometric design. These are typically small jacuzzi spa tubs of 2 places in rectangular or triangular shape to put in a corner. Designers have thought of everything since the bathroom spa is only intended for the intimate. As for the other rooms, it is also possible to arrange the bedroom and install a spa above ground. Indeed, this is not only reserved for 5 star hotels. For this as well, a small cozy spa and more cozy premium design. For a spa in a single room, all shapes are eligible. In all this, it is essential to adapt the color of the chosen spa to the theme of the house so as not to break the tone.

Outdoor spa design

The most famous equipment to put on the terrace or in the backyard is the hot tub. Although it is not very usual for people to buy this type of spa, its design still corresponds to nature. So in the middle of the garden or just on the terrace, a spa tub made entirely of wood is more suitable. Otherwise, people who like to party or who often invite the world, the terrace is ideal to accommodate a large jacuzzi with plenty of places. Round or square, this last kind of spa represents what everyone is looking for.

Spa & Design

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