How often to change the filter of your spa ?

When you decide to buy hot tub for sale, you need to keep in mind that maintaining spa water is paramount. This helps to keep the water longer, limit the excessive use of chlorine and prevent the appearance of algae.

Sand Filter or Cartridge Filter for a Spa?

The filter most commonly used for spas is the cartridge filter, because its size is reduced and the filtration quality is very good.

The cartridge will become dirty as time goes by. Filter maintenance consists of cleaning the cartridge and if necessary soak it in a descaling solution. Few spas are equipped with a sand filter. This is the case of spas used in community. Filtration is by overflow and through a sand filter, more suitable for higher water volumes and high traffic.

So when should you replace the spa filter cartridge?

The frequency of cleaning the filter is essential: it is it that will allow you to extend the life of the cartridge. Overall, it is estimated that the cartridge should be changed every time your spa is drained, approximately every quarter. In addition, if you turn off your device for a long time if you empty it, you will also have to change the cartridge. Take the time to examine it: as soon as you notice that it is more difficult to clean, that the impurities resist, it is imperative to change it, so as not to affect the efficiency of the filtration. In addition, the type of water treatment you use also has an impact on the life of your filters: bromine treatments tend to use filters less rapidly than those with active oxygen or chlorine.

So you can extend the life of the cartridges by cleaning the filters at least twice a week, every two to three days, using a water jet, or even better by brushing or cleaning a pressure washer.

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