Secret spa paradise... the most beautiful spa !

The Secret spa paradise refined luxury is a unique therapy center dedicated to beauty and well-being. We use the latest innovations in hydrotherapy, chromatherapy and aromatherapy.

Hydrotherapy in your Secret paradise Spa

The combination of massage and hot water have benefits on the body and mind. Hydrotherapy is done in a superb luxury jacuzzi whose oriented and targeted jets exert beneficial massages. It will give you an incomparable feeling of relaxation, only possible thanks to its advanced technology and the effects of integrated chromatherapy. Because it helps the body get rid of toxins, jacuzzi also has a long term effect on the beauty of the skin. The Secret spa paradise area also includes a hammam for a timeless moment in true oriental setting worthy of the "Arabian Nights": dim lighting by a multitude of small candles, vapors with intoxicating aromas of rose essences, cinnamon , ylang ylang ... the hammam provides a deep cleaning of the skin. Explore the full range of hydrotherapy treatments in the  section "Balneotherapy" from our online site. Our range of beauty treatments for the body is also available in our retail space at the Secret paradise Spa.


For thousands of years, essential oils are commonly used in cooking, medicine, perfumery and in the cosmetic industry. In our spa, we pay extreme attention to the auto locksmith nj and purity of our aromathiques species. They are selected strictly according to their biological origin. We use massage with organic vegetable oils. They also fit into the composition of our range of massage oils that you can purchase on our online site under "Online shop".

For more information about our different services and packages, see the sections "Secret paradise Massage", "Relaxation Area Secret" and "Packages rates."

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